Spring Colors

To me Spring is all about flowers with beautiful colors. During this time, I absolutely adore having flowers around my house. In my opinion flowers just brighten up a room. So I decided to get some inspiration from nature to decide what color of nail polish I should consider for this spring season. These colors are just so pretty, some I've been using for a really long time and others I cannot wait to buy them. I hope you guys go get them or if you already have them tell me what you think about them. I would love to hear your comments about these nail polishes :)
                                                                                                                ~Lydia C.

Top left to right-
~Chanel: Island (Limited Edition)
~Nicole by OPI: Believe it, Do it
~Butter London: Tea with the Queen

Second row left to right-
~Ciate: Loop the Loop & Zoya: Zin
~Ciate: Oil Slick & Illamasqua: Radium
~Sally Hansen: Lacey Lilac

Final row left to right-
~Essie: Bikini so Teeny & Sephora by OPI: I'm so Sari!
~Julep: Kate
~NARS: Candy Apple Red


     Hey Everyone! Today I want to share with you guys my favorite fashion item. Lately I have been loving my red Hawaiian print Van Doren Authentic slim shoes. I think these shoes are perfect because the print and the colors just give off a very cool Spring and Summer vibe which of course are the upcoming seasons. Since the shoes are already a statement piece, I like wearing them with a much simple and laid back outfit. One way I like to wear mine is with a pair of dark denim jeggings cuffed at the bottom, a white t-shirt, and a starfish necklace to keep a beachy look. Like all Vans shoes they are very good quality and are definitely worth $55. So if you're looking to buy a cool new pair of shoes you should check these out at your local Vans store or online at:
I hope you guys fall in love with these shoes as much as I did.

Suit Yourself!

     Hey everyone! Well let’s talk about suits, not just any suits.. Short suits! I've really been loving this since last year. I feel it’s such a refreshing outfit idea right now that spring and summer are just around the corner. It is a fun and classic look. You can really play around with texture, shine, patterns, and color and no matter how you decide to pair it; it will still look extremely amazing! It has such versatility you can buy a matching blazer or a cardigan, you can wear it with heels, sandals, or a ballet flats. It’s appropriate for a lunch or a special evening. How would you guys wear it??
*Look forward to Naomi's fashion post tomorrow.

Freedom of Accessories!

     Hey guys! Lately I have been loving this semi-distressed American flag scarf from Free People that I bought a couple months back. This scarf a nice way to put a little color in a simple or boring outfit. Some of my favorite ways to wear this piece is either with a plain white t, a denim shirt, or on chillier days with a cream knit cardigan. These are very simple and staple pieces but the scarf ties many looks together. Although this scarf is a bit on the pricier side (at around $40), if you want to splurge a little on an accessory, I would definitely recommend this one. I honestly think you get your money's worth out of it because you can piece it with so many different outfits, therefore you can wear it often. Also, it is so easy to put an outfit that looks well put together by just throwing on this piece. I typically like to have my nails painted red when I wear this scarf because its so classic. This ties in the red of the scarf and makes it look like you put a ton of effort into your look. If I were you I would totally check out a local Free People store or order it online. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!
                                                                                                           -Michelle Santillan

*Link to scarf: http://www.freepeople.com/tattered-flag-scarf/_/searchString/American/CMCATEGORYID/683d4023-53f5-4900-b5ce-ecf465df31a9/
*Look forward to Lydia's fashion post tomorrow.

Launching Golden State Living

Hello! Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Lydia, Naomi, and Michelle; Three sisters who decided to start a blog about some of our favorite things, so here it is! Just three young girls from Sunny, Southern California (ages 22, 20 & 16) trying out new things. On this blog you will be seeing our favorite fashion and beauty items at the time, things that inspire us daily, a little bit of our chef side, and also we are learning how to use our money wisely. We decided that Golden State Living is a great name for our blog because we have lived in the Golden state all our lives and we are still living in Sunny L.A. day by day. We have little experience in writing, but we will be trying our best for you to understand what we're writing about. We are currently figuring out a schedule for our postings to make it easier for our readers to check in when we have a new blog post. We hope this blog is as interesting to you guys as it is for us to let you know about the many things we are loving. Bye!